Multi V Water II

MULTI V WATER II represents both effective and safe system with great performance regardless of external conditions, such as ambient temperature, building wind effects in high rising building.

Economic Water System

There is no efficiency reduction from environmental condition such as a contrary wind, building wind, harsh outside temperature. This is a good solution for highrise building.


Economic Water System

High efficiency system regardless of external conditions

High efficiency system

Optimized control by variable load

Optimized control

Easy Installation

  • Light weight & compact size - Installation space is reduced up to 60%
  • Easy piping work - Refrigerant & water pipe connection at front side

Easy piping work

MultiV Water

Wide View

The reduced installation space required for the outdoor unit has resulted in a more usable space.

MULTI V Water II Wide View

Conventional Narrow view

High Efficiency & Reliability

Comparison between plate type and double pipe type

Comparison between plate type

Compressor back up operation

  1. One compressor failure
  2. Error code is displayed
  3. Back-up by field setting (Dip S/W)
  4. Continuous operation

Compressor back up operation

Longest Piping Length

Piping lenght

* Outdoor unit is lower than indoor unit.

Level difference

MULTI V Water II System for Geothermal application

It uses under ground heat source as renewable energy for cooling and heating of building. Heat source can be like a soil, ground water, lake, river, etc. Water or antifreeze solution is circulated through closed loop HDPE (High Density Poly-Ethylene) pipes buried beneath the earth's surface. It is a high efficient eco-friendly MULTI-V system providing green energy solution.

  • The working water temperature range is between -5ºC ~ 45ºC.
  • Antifreeze should be applied for according to each application.

**This application should be consulted with local LG office

Geothermal application